Crowns & Bridges

A crown may be recommended for teeth that are fractured, deeply decayed, or filled with a very large, old filling. Restoration with a crown will restore the strength and appearance of the tooth. Unlike a veneer which covers the visible surface of the tooth only, a crown encompasses the whole tooth. Some teeth may require an additional fixture called a post or a core build-up to support the crown. Dr. Dressel utilizes a CAD/CAM machine to fabricate same-day crowns. This means that patients no longer have to wait weeks for a crown to be made in a laboratory. In one appointment a digital scan of the patient’s tooth is designed, perfected, and milled into a crown and then inserted.

A bridge is used to fill the space of an extracted tooth with a natural-looking substitute. Teeth adjacent to the missing tooth are used to support the bridge with two or more connected crowns, or an implant. A bridge is an alternative to an implant in some cases. Typically a bridge is fabricated and placed more quickly than implants and can be a great way to fill in the gap of a missing tooth or teeth.

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