Dental Implants

Dental implants are go-to option for a natural tooth that cannot be restored using other dental treatment. An implant replaces the entire physiological body of the tooth starting with a titanium implant screw and finishing with a custom fabricated implant crown.

Our in-office periodontist will perform an extraction and bone graft (if necessary) to remove an un-restorable tooth and prepare the site to support an implant. With time for the bone to heal and re-grow a strong foundation is formed for the titanium implant screw placement. The implant screw is given time to integrate with the bone before a custom abutment and crown are made. An abutment is the support that attaches the implant screw to the implant crown. When a crown is placed on the abutment, it is sturdy and well supported so that the result is long-lasting.

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